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4 Ways to Prevent Flooding in your Backyard

Updated: May 13, 2020

The rain seems never-ending in Atlanta these days, and we are over it! We bet your backyard is over the excessive rainfall, too. While most gardens and landscapes need water, too much water can cause grass to die, damage roots and create overall unhealthy growing conditions.

If you are dealing with excessive rain or floods, like we are in Atlanta, these solutions can help keep your landscape happy and healthy!

1. Dry Creek Bed

  • Similar looking to a riverbed, a dry creek bed consists of rocks, and redirects water and prevents runoff damage. Rocks come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures, making it easy to create a dry creek bed that compliments your landscape.

(Pictured below)

2. Choose Indigenous Plants that Prevent Flooding in your Yard

  • Indigenous plants can help prevent soil erosion, while also allowing rainwater to drain more efficiently. Some examples include shrubs, ferns, wildflowers, and small, native trees.

3. French Drain System

  • A French drain system alleviates drainage issues by collecting excess water in a perforated pipe and dispersing it evenly in the soil, while also moving the water away from a specific area.

4. Pervious Paving

  • While Pervious paving can be aesthetically pleasing, it also reduces runoff damage. When paving walkways or patios, use materials that have small gaps. This allows water to seep through the surface and gradually trickle through the gravel and into the soil.

Think one of these flood resistant techniques would be helpful for your home? Let us help! Contact us today at 678.360.2784 or here.

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