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Fire Pits: Gas vs. Wood Burning

Updated: May 13, 2020

Fire pits are a beautiful addition to any home’s backyard, and ideal for relaxing or entertaining. Choosing the ideal firepit, however, can be difficult. We will explain the differences between a gas fire pit and a wood burning fire pit to help you make a more informed decision on which might be better suited for your outdoor space.

Gas Fire Pit

  • Turning on is generally as easy as flipping a switch or pushing a button

  • Efficient at lighting and provides continuous heat

  • Energy-efficient

  • Generally a longer installation time

  • Typically more costly

  • Low maintenance

Wood Burning Fire Pit

  • Requires the effort of building a fire

  • Can put off continuous heat for an extended period of time, once a larger fire is going

  • Shorter installation time

  • Requires more effort to maintain

Whichever you decide, let Everglades Landscape Contractors create and install the perfect fire pit design for your outdoor space.

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