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March Spotlight: Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae

It's only right that we start our plant highlight series with the tried & true Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae. We will explore where they get their name, advantages of adding them to your yard, & why they are one of our go-to's when creating a landscape plan!

Do they live up to their name?

Green Giants grow at an average rate of 3 to 5 feet every year and reach their height of maturity around a towering 60 feet high. Their gorgeous green coloring stays year-round, giving yards bright foliage they can count on.

Not only are they giant, they are strong! The Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae has been coined as one of the hardiest evergreen trees used in the landscaping field. It's impressive adaptability allows it to adjust to almost any soil & sun condition. It is also tolerant of insects & deer, as well as disease and unfavorable weather conditions. So, there are few things to get in the way of a growing Green Giant.

Advantages of Planting a Green Giant

Landscapers are quick to use these trees, not only because they are attractive & reliable, but because they prove to be a beneficial addition to a homeowner's yard.

1. Privacy please!

Their rapid growth rate makes it an easy choice when wanting more privacy in your yard. Their tall & thick form is optimal for creating a living privacy wall. So if you are wanting privacy from your neighbors or to block out the noise from nearby streets, Green Giants are the perefect way to create the feeling of seclusion & peace

2. No need to grab your windbreaker!

For those who live in areas that experience extreme temperatures & winds, Green Giants can be planted as a windbreak. Due to their strength, they are highly effective at protecting yards from strong winds & drifting snow. Windbreakers also help homeowners save energy & reduce heating costs by reducing the wind chill near your home.

3. Did you say low maintenance?!

You can put your pruners away! Because these trees grow upwards in a conical shape, pruning is not necessary. However, you are more than welcome to shape your arborvitaes if you want because they respond well to pruning. When it comes to watering, a new Green Giant should be watered every other day for the first few months. As it continues to grow & mature, the watering frequency can be dialed back until they are fully established. Then, your tree is highly drought resistant and only requires watering during dry seasons. Green Giants are about as low maintenance as trees come!

Green, Giant, Curb Appeal

Last, but certainly not least, it is one of our favorite trees to use on home projects because it is a green, giant, eye-grabber! There's no denying the comfort & familiarity a classic evergreen foliage can bring to your space. While Green Giants are commonly planting along a fence line or used to create a "live" fence, they can also be used as a statement or accent piece. Long driveways or entrances can be transformed with the bordering of grand Green Giants. Whether their lush green coloring is dusted in white snow or glowing in the golden sun, they can also be planted alone to create a beautiful accent to highlight any home!

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